(Video inside) The Lotus Building in Wujin, China

Completed in 2013, the Lotus Building blooms out of an artificial lake at the center of Wujin, in China. It was designed and built by Australian architecture firm Studio 505 who took inspiration from the lotus flower, and integrated its three stages of growth into the building’s shape from the new young bud, to the full ripe flower through to the opened bloom with a seed pod within it.

The building is home to departments of the city’s planning bureau, making it perhaps one of the world’s most beautiful government institutions, according to AMUSING PLANET. It serves as a public park and public multi-use space with exhibition halls, meeting rooms and a conference centre and has become a popular landmark in Wujin.

The Lotus Building is an addition to an existing two stores beneath the artificial lake and visitors enter from below into a vaulted, cathedral-like interior space where a combination of colour and light create a bright and uplifting interior atmosphere.

The external elements of the structure are filled with colorful ribs which emulate the flower and its at night is enhanced by atmospheric lighting.

The entire lake water mass and ground beneath is utilised to manage the air conditioning systems that lie beneath the lake by pre-cooling during summer and pre-warming during the winter,. The complex is also naturally ventilated and utilises evaporative cooling from the lake surface to drive a thermal chimney within the main flower pod.

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