(Video inside) Chinese builders construct 30-storey hotel in 15 days

A Chinese builder has posted a time-lapse video posted on YouTube to show off the impressive feat of completing construction on a 30-storey prefabricated hotel in just 15 days, finishing on New Year’s Eve.

On a 170,000-square metere plot of land, near Dongting Lake in Hunan province, workers bolted together the new hotel from pre-made modules put together in a factory and then placed them on steel structures at the construction site, according to TIME.

This remarkable achievement proves that the way buildings are being assembled has changed completely and will soon have a huge impact on the entire industry.  

Behind this speedy process is Broad Sustainable Building Corporation, a Chinese company that has had some successes with building quickly and previously built the 15-storey Ark Hotel in Changsha, China, in just six days.

Once the world’s largest producer of air conditioning equipment, the Broad Sustainable Building Corporation has designed a system that will let them export, to construction tolerances of +/- 0.2 mm. Which likely means the world’s hotels will soon be added to the growing list of things that come with a “made in China” stamp.

This quick-built hotel can reportedly withstand an 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the implications of its latest project seemingly go beyond simply adding to the Dongting skyline in a speedy fashion.

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