(Video inside) Chinese build 15-storey hotel in six days

In an unbelievable feat, a 15-storey hotel in Changsha, Hunan province in eastern central China, was built in only six days, completing everything from cabling to three-pane windows with level 9 quake resistance. Although the foundations were already built, it still remains impressive.

The last two decades have seen a rapid boom in the construction of skyscrapers. The wonders of prefabricated construction modules and modern construction techniques continue to push new boundaries in what is possible.

According to Pattaya Daily News, many of these buildings are pre-made in factories which is the best way for optimal energy, material and time savings, as well providing more efficient and cheaper end results. In the case of the Ark Hotel, there was only 1% of construction waste.

After building the 15-storey hotel in six days, Chinese construction company Broad Group managed to break its record by constructing a 30-storey tall hotel in just 15 days. It erected the tower on a 17,000-square metre site, near Dongting lake in China’s Hunan Province, from prefabricated modules mounted on a steel structure, with diagonal steel bracing.

Despite the fast build, the Ark Hotel is so solid that it can resist a 9 magnitude earthquake, which was tested by the China Academy of Building Research.


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