6th CCA Building Expo to Host from 29 Nov-1 Dec 2018

The 6th Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2018 which will showcase dozens of global and leading local brands in the building and property industries is scheduled for 29 November to 1 December 2018 at Phnom Penh’s Diamond Island Exhibition and Convention Center, Cambodia.

Organized by Cambodia Constructors Association (CCA) that represents constructors in Cambodia, the expo will feature some 400 booths and showcase a wide variety of building materials and technology, property development projects, and services related to the construction and property sectors, including from real estate agencies, banks and insurers.

The show is open to the general public with free entry. The fair layout is divided into three sections, i.e. real estate firms, banks, and insurers; construction material and decoration professionals; and electrical, plumbing and water supply, machinery, mechanical and steel frame experts.

Two significant events are also organized attached to the show which will benefits the audiences largely. The Cambodia Constructors Association will host its 6th Annual Submit on the first day of the show that will bring hundreds of senior representatives from the construction industry locally and internationally. A special business networking party will be organized on the 2nd day evening that will connect the association members to all exhibitors.

Turnout is expected to be high thanks to the association’s good local and international connections. Organizers predict this Cambodian flagship building expo will attract hundreds of thousands of local and international visitors and exhibitors looking for information on the sector or seeking new business opportunities.

So far, about 60% of the booths are already booked, while the organizers expect to sell the remaining booths by end of September. To secure your booth, please contact us at: (855) 060 815 515 / 010 94 76 49 / 095 55 90 18, Email: Vutha@khbmedia.asia.

The fair is supported by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, the Cambodian Board of Architects and the Cambodian Board of Engineers as well as other international institutions.

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